• SlingPlayer Now Officially Enabled on 3G!

    Today, Apple finally approved the 3G-streaming capable version of the popular TV-streaming iPhone application, SlingPlayer [iTunes link]. As most of us know, Sling, Apple, and AT&T and previously tussled over the concept of streaming live TV over AT&T's 3G bands, as they had suspected that it would place to much strain on the network, especially with the popularity of the iPhone. However, just like their recent lift on the VoIP ban, which AT&T anticipated would keep people from using their AT&T minutes by using a service like Skype to make calls instead, AT&T seem to have lifted this "live TV streaming" ban as well. Until now, only jailbreakers who had paid for a premium app such as 3G Unrestrictor or My3G were able to stream Sling over the 3G airwaves, but it looks like today, everyone is free to watch Sling on their iPhone at their leisure.

    I can also personally confirm that streaming works on EDGE as well (this is good for you T-Mobile customers =])
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