• Illnesses Linked to iPhone Touchscreen Production Facility

    Today the world witnessed that the production of touchscreen technology is not only sensitive and important to our way of life, it is often a particularly dangerous endeavor at the factories that produce them.

    Chinese news outlets are reporting at this hour that a worker at Wintek (a Chinese-based production facility of touchscreens) has died resulting from complications related to n-hexane exposure or poisoning. As of this moment, it's markedly difficult to cull any definitive facts from the Chinese news services reporting the death.

    Wintek makes touchscreen displays for Apple devices, like the iPhone and iPod Touch. As it is understood at this time, the touchscreens produced require cleaning, a process often involving the hazardous chemical n-hexane, which is similarly used in textile manufacturing. Wintek has previously been censured for its use of this somewhat extreme chemical.

    In early 2009, protests were organized by the Taiwan Labor Organization relating to the use of harsh chemicals and proclaiming "poor working conditions" at this particular Wintek plant.

    Last summer, a rash of similar poisonings were reported in China, however, it should be noted that some media outlets are reporting data from last August's poisoning as though it is current. When more details become available, I will update the post accordingly and revise any errors as they become apparent.

    Image via China Daily News
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