• Does Initial iPad Demand Really Beat Initial iPhone Demand?

    If someone told me last week that the initial demand for the iPad is way ahead of the initial demand for the iPhone three years ago, I would asked the person just how much "Kool-Aid" they've been drinking. But according to a new survey, the iPad leads the iPhone in early market demand.

    A ChangeWave Research survey reveals that Apple's tablet is "outpacing" the 2007 first wave of demand noted for the iPhone. As a result, Mike Abramsky of RBC Capital Markets is reiterating the findings, which suggest that 13 percent of the public may pony up to pay for an iPad in the coming weeks. That tops the 2007 survey which found that only 9% of consumers were likely to buy an iPhone upon the device's release.

    Strangely enough, while many have expressed (in these forums) some concerns about the initial high price of the iPad variations, it seems that for the most part, pricing isn't an issue. Only 8% of survey respondents (3200 people in all) raised objections to the iPad pricing. Astoundingly, 28% of survey respondents griped about the iPhone's initial pricing.

    Of course, surveys are ultimately just surveys. We'll have to wait until the iPad is officially released before any true measure of "initial interest" can be gauged. But from where Apple is standing right now, all signs indicate that things are looking up for the iPad's release.
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