• Scribd Confirms Sharing Feature for iPhone, e-Readers, other Mobile Platforms

    Here's a refreshing idea. Amidst all the hoopla from publishers ironing out the details in hopes of securing their content on the iPad, Scribd has a different focus for the time being - the establishment of a “send-to-device” feature which will enable users to transfer documents to their iPhones or e-readers when away from home or otherwise on the go.

    Although we first heard rumors of this development weeks ago in various media reports, only today did Scribd confirm the reports. Among the platforms supported are the overwhelming majority of smartphones, the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony Reader, Cool-er, Entourage Edge, and some other less popular e-book readers.

    Now as old as the iPhone itself, Scribd has become a very popular document-sharing social network over the last three years. If you're unfamiliar, Scribd connects written content with a large network of readers. Recently, in fact, Scribd professed that some ten million documents have been published to the site so far. The smorgasbord of content includes both pro and not-so-pro material.

    With the latest feature added, users now have the option of clicking a “send to device” button. From there, a laundry list of devices will appear to which you can send the desired content. If, for instance, you're sending a doc to your iPhone, Scribd will prompt you to enter the phone number of that particular handset. From there, Scribd texts the URL of a web-accessible PDF to your phone.

    Pretty cool, huh?

    Image via Scribd
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