• iControlPad In Production - Gamepad For your iDevice Coming Soon!

    The iControlPad has come up a few times in discussions, and we've all seen various photos and demo mockups of the iControlPad. The news that's floating around these days is that the iControlPad has already been sent to production and will be shortly available.

    Our friendly Jailbreak Dev, @stroughtonsmith sent out a tweet today talking about the iControlPad being near release and in production, although it's not exactly coming from @craigix's mouth.

    For those of you that don't know, iControlPad is an iPhone & iPod Gamepad Accessory for playing various games on your jailbroken iDevice. Yes, as this point, you must be Jailbroken to use the iControlPad. No word on wether or not they will bring out an AppStore app for this, but then again, there probably wouldn't be much use for it on many AppStore apps. This gamepad is ideal for emulators.

    There is currently a survey going on at the iControlPad website, and any input would obviously help the direction of this accessories release. I look forward to this one, as long as it's priced right.

    iControlPad - Add real gaming controls to your iPhone!
    Source: [@stroughtonsmith]

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