• An App That Shows You Where to Go

    It's an experience all of us have had at some point. "The call of nature" comes over us, we're far from home, in an unfamiliar location, with no idea of where to go for relief. Especially if you're not anatomically male or have minimal standards of public decorum that keep you from doing your business in public, what would happen next would be an overly-long search for suitable facilities that would usually end in some nasty service station restroom or a portable toilet on a construction site.

    Well, those days are over.

    Where to Wee is a service that consists of a website and an iPhone app created by the husband-and-wife team of Dave and Twila Pitcher. The couple traveled frequently (he was a running back in the Canadian Football League, and she worked in the travel industry) and have a family member with a health condition that often required quick access to a clean bathroom. They created a database with GPS locations of washrooms with specific services such as accessible facilities or change tables for infants. Both the website and the app allow users to create entries for new restrooms, and to note what amenities are available (for example autoflush, seat covers, and, amusingly, 'squatter'). When you visit a particular location, you can write a review and give a number ratingfor the quality and availability of the paper soap and sink.

    Reviews are thin, at least in my local area, but I learned more about my own neighborhood by using this app, and I'll definitely make use of it when traveling this weekend. The Google Maps engine allows for searching locations ahead of time so that you can be prepared, which makes this app extra useful for families traveling with small children or infants. This is an example of a simple, practical app that could really save your… well, I told myself I'd finish this review without any lame puns, so I'll stop now.

    Where to Wee is available for download from the App Store.
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