• A Bad Week for Palm Pre... Thanks to Apple?

    Something tells us here at ModMyi that the folks at Palm are glad this week is over.

    As if Palm's announcement of lowered guidance yesterday wasn't bad enough, the real kicker came today - an occasion that Palm probably had higher expectations for. This morning, Palm said their Pre devices will receive a WebOS 1.4 update later today. If you haven't heard, that update includes Adobe's Flash 10 player.

    Shortly after the announcement, however, everyone turned their attention to Apple. Why? Because we will soon see how well Flash works on the Palm Pre. With Steve Jobs's controversial (and disparaging) comments recently about Flash being a battery killer, everyone is going to take note of how well the Palm Pre performs now that it is Flash compatible.

    Of course, it's unlikely that the outcome of Flash's test drive on the Palm Pre will ultimately have any influence on whether Apple will ever openly embrace Flash. Still, it's fascinating to watch every contemporary conversation about Flash somehow return to the subject of Apple. On a day when the Palm Pre should be basking in the limelight for its Flash update, here we are talking about Apple - and not just in these forums. Pretty much everywhere.

    With Apple earnings perpetually blowing Palm's out of the water and updates from Palm leading to more talk about Apple than Palm, it must be quite a frustrating time within the walls of Palm these days. Is Apple responsible for Palm's problems? No. But Apple certainly isn't helping either.

    Image via removethelabels.com
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