• A Tiger Woods-Inspired Text Erasing App Hits The App Store?

    Since many of us spend more time texting on our iPhones than we spend actually having conversations on them, perhaps there is a sizable audience of iPhone owners who will find value in the new TigerText application.

    The word "Tiger," of course, is likely invoked here as a tongue-in-cheek reference to the golf pro recently embarrassed before a global audience for his private-turned-public marital infidelities.

    So is TigerText really the iPhone's ultimate app for people with "something to hide?" Basically, TigerText is a texting app that literally leaves no long-term record of who said what and when. In short, the app makes your texts disappear - or "self-destruct" according to the lifespan you establish for their existence. And by disappear, it's not an exaggeration. Text messages are deleted from your iPhone, the device that received messages from you, and even the server that made your exchanges possible.

    Talk about covering your tracks, huh?

    While the app is obviously a response to high-profile celebs like Tiger Woods who were partly busted by SMS messages that gave away extramarital "transgressions," the makers of the app are having fun with this nifty little offering that's being promoted as perfect for "cheating spouses, politicians, sexting teens!"

    TigerText is free to try but there will be fees to use the full version - something you'll need if there's really something to "cover up."
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