• The US Army Looking For A Few Good... Apps

    If there are two entities that commonly aren't thought of as a natural pair, it's the iPhone and the US Army. However, the Army has spent a lot of time thinking about the iPhone lately. And if the Army’s Chief Information Office is to get its way, the US army will soon put its "stamp of approval" on a new application - one that is yet to be developed.

    The US Army is behind a new competition designed to cultivate new and inspiring mobile and web apps. And there are cash prizes involved... up to $30,000 in all. The contest is billed as "a joint venture" between the Army and iStrategyLabs. The inspiration for the contest came from the "Apps For Democracy" project, which was a similar joint venture in 2008 between iStrategyLabs and the D.C.’s Office of the CTO.

    This is, however, an internal contest. In other words, the "Apps for the Army" contest requires you to already work for the Army - either as a soldier or civilian employee. And the type of apps the Army hopes to see submitted are those that "tackle any aspect of Army IT." Ultimately, submissions will be assessed according to six criteria: "usefulness to warfighters or business users; intuitive usability; appeal over current or past approaches to executing the same tasks; inventiveness; likelihood to have an effect on missions; and viability."

    If all goes according to plan and the winning submissions meet "security requirements," the US Army may very well use one or more of the apps in an official capacity.

    If you are an active or retired member of the Army you can find more details about the competition here.
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