• Theme Of The Week : March 1st, 2010

    Today marks the first day of March. Today also marks the first day we finally don't have to hear that Olympics song anymore. And even better... Today is also the first of our new weekly segment "Theme of The Week". We will cover 1-2 themes each week chosen by our staff here at ModMyi. Of course, you can always submit a nomination or your theme to us.

    Thread Discussion on iNXE
    iNXE Beta - Download
    iNXE SBSettings - Download

    Required for this theme:
    SBsettings [cant rate this high enough, theme included, needs to be copied to SBsettings theme folder]
    6 Icons Dock

    Special thanks go to JStraitiff for the upcoming Cydget and K.Nitsua for the user wallpaper code.
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