• iPhones/iPods Getting More Online Data Storage Opportunities

    A company with a "cool" name is coming out with an equally cool opportunity for some iPhone and iPod owners. According to the announcement today, IceWEB is extending its online storage service to support both the iPhone and iPod Touch. The new product is dubbed "IceShare" and will be available for download in the App Store. As it stands, the app can be purchased individually or as a corporate license.

    Shortly after IceShare was introduced, comparisons to Apple’s MobileMe were made. And while its far too premature for a side-by-side analysis to size up the "competitors," the only assumption that can safely be made at the moment is that online storage and cloud computing services are hot commodities in the digital world today.

    Many industry analysts predict online storage services will become even bigger business this decade. As a result, IceWEB is hoping to capitalize on this perceived "demand" from consumers looking for new ways to store and access data as mobile users on the go. Through this new venture, IceWEB's servers will provide iPhone and iPod Touch users "full access" to their important data. As you would imagine, users can open, download, upload, and create files over WiFi or 3G.

    Of course, the same industry analysts who predict the boom of the online data storage business are those who similarly can't believe that the external hard drive industry has not yet altogether imploded. While online file storage and file Sharing sites and services have undeniably become immensely popular, it's unlikely that they will send external hard drives the way of the cassette tape any time soon.
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