• A Shaky Start To Every Morning With the iPhone/iPod

    Let's face it. Our iPhones now comprise the fastest-growing alarm-clock industry in the world. And while the clock radios of yesterday have been packed away in closets all over the world, the iPhone continues to continues to thrive as the ultimate "rise and shine" device for millions of people. As a result, iLuv has consistently aimed to find new and more innovative ways to use the iPhone as the wake-up call of the 21st century.

    A lot of people I know are talking about iLuv's next gen iPod/iPhone-docking "Shake and Awake alarm clock" series. The latest update, according to the company, brings an "iPhone-certified version" to consumers for the first time. As you would expect, these alarm clocks serve up a tethered vibrating device that can be placed beneath your pillow. At the appointed time, your device will literally rattle your head right out of bed.

    iLuv's latest features also include an "embedded speaker in the vibrating device" to reproduce iPod, iPhone or FM music. Naturally, there's a volume control on the shaker and a wide enough variety of programmable settings and options to make the alarm clock as malleable as possible to your sleeping schedule - consistent or otherwise.

    If the offering catches your fancy, its suggest retail price is about $100. And, according to iLuv, the system works with the iPhone 3G S, iPhone 3G, iPhone, iPod Touch second generation, iPod Touch, iPod Nano first through 5th generation, iPod Classic, iPod with video, iPod fourth generation, and iPod Mini.

    Image via iLuv
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