• Weekly App Update: March 3rd, 2010

    Yup. This is the same segment. Just wanted to satisfy a few readers and get the target of this segment more in tune with what it's really about; New Apps for Jailbroken iDevices. For those of you that might be new, I will be covering new Apps and Updates you can find in Rock and Cydia. With so many additions to the repositories every day, it's hard to keep up. That's what this segment is for. Stay tuned each week for new updates. Developers, don't forget to tell us about your updates or new apps to includes this weekly segment.

    What's New:

    VolumeButtonExtender | [More Info]
    Volume Button Extender utilizes the volume switches on the iPod touch and the iPhone allowing you to control the iPod app without looking at your device. Press and hold volume buttons to skip songs or Press both buttons at the same time to play/pause.

    Navimote | [More Info]
    Navimote lets you locate your iPhone on-demand using Push notification. Once Navimote has been installed and a token (or authorization code) has been entered, you will be able to track your iPhone from a web page.

    Grooveshark 1.1 | [More Info]
    With Grooveshark recently being rejected from the App Store and now a new focus on the Jailbroken side of things, I felt this deserved a "what's new" shout. Grooveshark Mobile connects you to your online music library. Search for music from the Grooveshark catalog, and access your saved playlists and library with your Grooveshark account. It's your music, mobile

    iNoRotate | [More Info]
    iNoRotate is an App-Specific rotation disabling tweak. Much like Rotation Inhibitor, with the exception that you can choose from: All Applications, SMS App, Mail App, Notes App, Safari App, and Contacts app.


    ScreenRecorder | [More Info]
    Categories 2.99.4 | [More Info]
    Kirikae | [More Info]
    iSilent | [More Info]
    WeatherIcon | [More Info]
    MiVTones | [More Info]
    Cylay Three | [More Info]
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