• Cydia Gets an Essential Update - Speed Increases and Error Handling

    It appears last night that Saurik has updated APT, which now has an optimized cache generator and has become more error tolerant in repository parsing. This means less error screens when connecting to repositories that might have an error at that particular moment, which used to end up causing Cydia users a ton of grief, sometimes even crashing them out of Cydia. This update should help correct some of that.

    While its nothing extremely heavy hitting with this update, it is highly recommended you update to gain some additional performance from Cydia. "Reloading" screens seem to move along much faster, and I have yet to see any repository errors. Saurik says this is a 7x speed increase! Not sure the specifics, but as far as I'm told, the update provides a speed increase of 7x.

    Head on over to Cydia and download the new APT updates. It should just put up, like the image above.
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