• Cydia Gets LastApp

    Cydia is serving up a wicked cool new app that a lot of people are talking about. Dubbed "LastApp," the application enables users to conveniently and quickly switch between the last two apps running on your iPhone. Some have called the app an "Alt-Tab" for the iPhone.

    Best of all, LastApp supports "shaking." So, needless to say, one can toggle between two applications by shaking their iPhone. Overall, there are lots of really awesome attributes that LastApp can boast about, including slide gestures. Definitely worth checking out.

    If you've haven't noticed, it's a been a pretty solid week so far for Cydia, with a host of exciting new apps and, most recently, as essential update. As reported earlier today by my ModMyi colleague Nick Hesson, last night it appears that Saurik has updated APT, which now has an "optimized cache generator and has become more error tolerant in repository parsing."

    And just last weekend, as you may recall, Grooveshark - a popular online music streaming service - came to terms with the App Store's eternal resistance and finally released their much awaited app on Cydia to great fanfare.

    LastApp, along with the new APT updates and Grooveshark, is available now from Cydia.
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    1. Jamesandthegiantkeg's Avatar
      Jamesandthegiantkeg -
      I've been emailing the creator of this tweak about giving it options to cycle through more than two apps. I'd like it to do at least three. I bought zephyr, but I don't like it because it only gives you the option of side swiping, and doesn't work with activator, and I want to use double press home button to switch apps. I've emailed that author too. The creator of lastapp said he's too busy to work on it any more, so I wanted to get the idea out there.
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