• Steve Jobs Talks iPad Tethering

    Reports have surfaced from the Swedish website Slashat.se that a question was emailed to Apple all the way from Sweden that posed a simple question: Can the WiFi-only iPad be tethered to the iPhone?


    Apparently, that one-word email response came directly from Steve Jobs himself via his iPhone.

    Since the iPad's announcement, many iPhone owners have curiously pondered the prospect of this functionality being available. And while there will be plenty of modders and jailbreakers tackling this "problem" in due time, it seems that, at least in an official capacity, we can't tether our iPhones to the iPad. Had Apple made other arrangements, it would have been an overwhelming unexpected announcement, to say the least.

    Still, a lot of Apple fans are peculiarly exhibiting a great deal of frustration with this situation - even though virtually everyone expected iPhone-to-iPad tethering to not work. Nonetheless, Steve Jobs one-word reply has rubbed many the wrong way this weekend.

    Yesterday, Apple announced that iPad will be available April 3rd. 3G models, however, won't be rolled out until late April, when global availability will similarly set in.
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