• Mod My Jeans... "WTFJeans" Customized for iPhone, iPod Touch

    It looks a prop left over from a bad Saturday Night Live skit. In reality, however, these jeans are for real... and they're selling like hotcakes.

    So here's the deal. The jeans pictured above are built with a "specific pocket" designed for stowing your most cherished mobile device. Whether it's an iPhone or an iPod Touch, these jeans come packed with a micro-fiber interior that not only protects, but also "cleans" the device.

    Micro-fiber iPhone protection: Forget iPhone cases. Our special micro-fiber interior protects your iPhone or iPod touch, as well as cleaning it when you take it out. The iPhone, that is.
    And did I mention there's a memory stick pocket too? In seems no stone was left unturned in the design of these jeans.

    The folks at wtfjeans.com report that the first 100 pairs have already been sold. The next 400 pairs are still available for about $80 each. The last 500, however, will cost you about $100 each pair. As supply dwindles, the price jumps exponentially for these unorthodox Apple-friendly pants.

    Created by Sanja Rastovac and Pedja Puselja of Strasbourg, France, these jeans are being promoted as a convenient, attractive, and affordable pair of pants for the "geek" who goes nowhere without his/her trusty Apple handset. Everyone, the entrepreneurial duo says, should own a pair "gadget-friendly" designer jeans.

    WTFJeans joins a long line of apparel - from jackets to underwear - that have been customized for use with mobile devices. But unlike most of the other products, these "WTFjeans" actually appear to have real sales potential.

    Image via WTFjeans.com
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