• Can The iPhone Save The Oscars Tonight?

    It's no secret that in recent years the national television ratings for broadcast awards shows have virtually fallen into the toilet and remain on the precipice of being flushed altogether unless something comes along to revive this dying brand of television content - the Hollywood awards show.

    This year, hopes have for the first time been pinned on the iPhone for generating hype and interest in the Academy Awards and also facilitating an interactive component to the 82-year old grandfather of all award shows. Just today, E! Entertainment television relaunched their E! Online iPhone application to make it all about the Oscars.

    More interestingly, however, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences - one of the oldest, stodgiest organizations in the world - has also put out an application (The Oscars App) dedicated to tonight's ceremony. Why the big push? Some have predicted that the Oscars may one day lose their place on network television due to sagging ratings and lackluster public interest. By taking the Oscars mobile, the Academy hopes to extend the public's fascination with Hollywood's biggest night.

    Incredible but true, more and more industries are pinning their hopes and aspirations on the power and potential of the iPhone and the world of mobile applications. Will it work for the Oscars? We'll find out shortly.

    Image via ABC
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