• Apple Patents Unusual iPhone Door Lock Opener

    You can almost envision a day when checking into a hotel means securing an access code functionality through your iPhone that enables you to gain access to the room in which you're staying. Still sounds far off, right? Not really, particularly given the new patent filed by Apple that is starting to get noticed.

    The underlying technology enables your mobile handset (like the iPhone or iPod Touch) to act as a universal key, particularly as an access key to any door secured by an electronic lock. The patent reveals the use of a new technology that is expected to become the hottest of all commodities in the world of wireless gadgets this decade: Near Field Communication, or NFC.

    Creating the communication ability between devices like an iPhone and an electronic door lock (with an encrypted transmission, of course), NFC is capable of changing everything - like the ways in which we get into our homes, cars, secured rooms at work, etc. The sky truly is the limit when it comes to the myriad potential uses for this technology in the years to come.

    Replacing everything from credit cards to key chains, NFC-enabled iPhones would be a groundbreaking and, yes, game changing reality for millions of people. Of course, we're not quiet there yet - not with the technology or with the average person's comfort level with such a substantial change in business as usual.

    But we're getting closer...

    Image via NeoSeeker
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