• iPhone Gaming Dominates GDC

    Apple may frown upon the fact that the iPhone is widely used as a primary handheld gaming device for scores of avid mobile gamers, but there's no denying the truth of the matter. The iPhone as a gaming platform has resonated with millions of video game fanatics. And at the annual Game Developers Conference taking place in San Francisco this week, its clear that the iPhone continues to take center stage beneath the rubric that everyone (but Apple) seems to warmly embrace.

    For the first time in GDC history, game development for the iPhone has been given its own official two-day summit within the convention. That's right. Starting yesterday and continuing into today, thousands of attendees will check out some if not all of the sixteen panels and discussions that comprise the "iPhone Games Summit" at GDC 2010.

    It's attention like this for the iPhone that is making competing video game companies so nervous. Just last month it was widely reported that more developers are now working on games for the iPhone than prominent gaming platforms like the Nintendo DS and even the Sony PSP. Without question, the emergent interest among developers in the iPhone as a gaming device has significantly impacted the video game community - those who make them, and those who play them.

    With the iPhone more popular than ever and the iPad (another potential gaming juggernaut) right around the corner, some are going out on a limb and suggesting that next year's GDC could, for the first time, feature a convention keynote address by someone from Apple. In the past, executives from Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony have appeared and addressed the convention. Maybe next year will yield the spotlight to Steve Jobs? That's assuming, of course, he would even accept the invitation to begin with.

    Image via GDC
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