• Google "Violated Alliance" with Apple

    Its a day of high drama for Apple and its competitors. First the Wall Street Journal reported that a sizable chunk of all Microsoft employees may be iPhone owners. Then The New York Times delves into the personal betrayal Steve Jobs feels from the folks at Google - individuals who apparently ruffled more feathers in Cupertino than we realize when they started modeling smartphones off of the iPhone.

    According to The New Times, Steve Jobs said:

    We did not enter the search business. They entered the phone business. Make no mistake; Google wants to kill the iPhone. We won't let them.
    In a comprehensive profile of the bad blood between Google and Apple, the scenario is presented that Steve Jobs remains deeply "emotional" about the dissolution of close ties between the two companies. The piece details why the bond has since deteriorated into "World War III" with Jobs overtly accusing Google of "stealing" some of the iPhone's key features.

    While, to the outside world, any competition between Apple and Google could merely suggest "business as usual," if the facts presented by the New York Times are legitimate, the truth of matter is that the rivalry is bitterly personal with aspects of deceit and betrayal worthy of a daytime soap opera.

    Apparently, the situation has gotten so bad that Apple may now be considering a partnership with Microsoft to make Bing the iPhone's default search engine. Given how many people at Microsoft (at least 10% of the global workforce) like - and own - the iPhone, perhaps such a partnership would be a welcome experience and, ultimately, a win-win for both powerful companies.
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