• Novell Bringing Xbox 360 Games To The iPhone

    Tomorrow, Novell is going to show the world a "new technology" that will make it possible for Xbox 360 games to be morphed into iPhone apps for gameplay on the ubiquitous Apple handset. At present, the iPhone incarnation of these games will be introduced first. Novell says the Android version of the technology won't be ready for some time yet.

    In this regard, Novell is picking up the slack for Microsoft, which has obviously dropped the ball with bringing its hugely popular Xbox games to the most in demand mobile platforms hungry for the titles that presently dominate the video game industry. Strangely enough, Microsoft has had no issues, for example, teaming with Nokia to port Silverlight to Symbian phones. But have you heard anything about porting Xbox games to Symbian?

    Didn't think so.

    Novell is clearly aiming to fill a huge void in the mobile gaming arena. And it looks like Microsoft isn't about to get in the way. At the annual Game Developers Conference that took place in San Francisco last week, the iPhone took center stage as the future of mobile gaming devices. Novell is rightly capitalizing on demand that shows no signs of slowing any time soon. For Microsoft, however, this is an incredibly frustrating situation, as developers continue to turn their attention in great numbers to the iPhone app building business. Just last month it was reported that more developers are now working on iPhone games than they are games for the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP.
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