• Record Your Jams With Guitarbud for the iPhone and iPod Touch

    If you're a guitarist looking for an easier way to record your jam sessions, look no further than your iPhone or iPod touch. Made possible by the new GuitarBud connector, you can simply plug your axe into an iPhone, for example, and record directly from any audio recording app that you may presently have.

    The device comes to us from Paul Reed Smith Signature Cables, an outfit with a long history of building "advanced, uncompromising" guitar related products. Tapping into both the popularity and the ubiquity of Apple's mobile devices, the Guitarbud doesn't come with a corresponding dedicated app. Instead, the makers advise even using the iPhone's built-in voice recorder to capture musical inspirations as they come to you.

    This powerful, portable guitarist’s interface, is designed specifically for musicians by Bond Music Research in conjunction with PRS Guitars
    In promoting the Guitarbud, PRS is also pushing the fact that it's never been easier to share your riffs or entire songs with friends or colleagues. After you capture your jam, you can quickly email the audio file to anyone - likely a great arrangement for friends or band members working on music from a distance.

    While there's no shortage of cool accessories or apps that help modify iPhones and iPods into new and previously unimagined tools, Guitarbud is one of the first devices of its kind that makes our trusty mobile device a helpful musician's tool of the trade.

    The Guitarbud can be purchased for $29.95 from Musician's Friend.
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