• Japanese Live Link 3G Enables iPhone Video Calls Without Jailbreak

    It looks like some of us may not have to wait for the 4th generation iPhone (or later) to enjoy video calls on our iPhones. Live Link 3G, a Japanese-developed application from Yudo Inc., makes it possible for two iPhone users to share a video call. And according to early reviews, the app supports a fairly high-quality video/audio transmission between users.

    A recent addition to the Japanese iPhone app store, Live Link 3G likely foreshadows a staple of future generations of the iPhone. Apple chief Steve Jobs said earlier this year that the next iPhone version will be an "A+" upgrade from the current model. Of course, we won't know until June (maybe) when the 4th gen iPhone is expected to arrive whether the handset will actually enable video calls - one of the most sought after features from iPhone users.

    For now, Live Link 3G presents a possible look at the future. Granted, of course, it remains a glimpse that leaves one wanting. In the absence of a front-facing camera, the popular Japanese app is really more of a video conferencing tool for users to show each other their surrounding locations. That is, if both iPhone callers simultaneously looked into the camera, they wouldn't be able to see one another. And, for the most part, that kind of defeats the true nature of a video call.

    For another week or so, Live Link 3G is available for free from the Japanese app store. That's right, no jailbreak required for this nifty little app. Past March 22nd, however, the app will cost a pretty penny - 1,000 yen, or $11 in the US.

    Image via Yudo Inc.
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