• Jailbreak Impostors On The Loose: Fake Facebook Fan Pages

    Over the last week I have seen many users and developers warning us of fake Facebook Fan pages. First it was a fake Musclenerd Facebook Page, and later to follow, @saurik warned us of a fake Cydia Facebook page. And the latest to trickle in now, is a fake @geohot Facebook Page.

    This seems to be a trend lately, people imposing to be the hard working developers and trying to cash in on their fame. In light of all of this, the developers have all taken steps to create official pages so that nobody is confused on what is real and fake. @Saurik recently added a link to his official Cydia Facebook Page right inside of Cydia's homepage, so you can't miss it. As for MuscleNerd and Geohot, I have yet to see announcements for an official Facebook Page but I'm sure this thread will grow with more information.

    Other than that, keep a look out for anything suspicious and report it to any respected community user, as the networking will spread the news and correct anything that is misleading.

    In a related note, why not join the ModMyi.com Facebook Page.
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