• Remote Conductor Turns iPad into Trackpad

    App developer m3me has just release Remote Conductor ($9.99) tor the iPad. This app turns an iPad into a full-featured trackpad for the Mac. Remote Conductor has three modes to choose from. The default setting is the trackpad mode, where the entire iPad screen becomes one giant trackpad. Multi-Touch gestures are supported as well. Three finger gestures are not the standard Apple ones, however, instead the app uses three finger gestures to drag windows or select blocks of text.

    At the top right of the screen are icons for Remote Conductor’s three modes. They represent Track, Launch and Switch. Track is the aforementioned trackpad mode. Launch mode allows you to see all of your Mac’s applications and launch them from the iPad. This screen looks very much like a regular iPad screen, but instead of iPad apps you are presented with Mac applications. The bottom of the screen gives you access to your Mac’s dock as well.

    Remote Conductor’s switch mode is probably this app’s most innovative feature. Switch lets you see all of your open applications and windows arranged as thumbnails. These thumbnails are arranged in a grid for easy navigation. Simply click on the application you want to use or click on any window and you will see it pop forward on your Mac’s screen.

    Like most iOS apps that communicate with your Mac, this app requires you to download a free server program call Conductor Server. Once installed on your Mac, an icon for the server program will appear in the menu bar. The first time you run the server app you will have to enter a randomly generated code that appears on the iPad’s screen. This code is used to create a secure connection from your iPad to your Mac. This setup is only necessary the first time you use Remote Conductor.

    Hopefully, m3me will bring Remote Conductor to the iPhone in the not too distant future.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdvumkJ1JzM&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - Remote Conductor Demo[/ame]

    Update: m3meInc comments, “FYI, we will be adding a keyboard in the next version. We are working on Windows support and an iPhone version as well.” Sounds like a big update is on the way.

    Source: MacWorld
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