• prOtek : Theme Of the Week - March 17,2010

    I've always been a fan of Dazcoates` themes, and this week I'm going to feature one of his many kick *** winterboard themes for your iPhone and iPod touch. This one is called prOtek.

    Darren (dazcoates aka daCtenby) a 28 year old Manchester united fan/machead, is also the designer of themes such as Technoligk, suaveTek and Caution09. All of which are incredibly well done and I highly recommend checking out.

    These themes will take a bit of work to get set up just right, but there is generally a plethora of help and installation guides in our forums. If you get stuck, just visit the prOtek thread here.

    Dazcoates was also featured in an article interview which you can check out here.You can also check out his DeviantArt page here: darren-coates on deviantART

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