• iPhone Helps Breach Communication Barriers

    While the surplus of fart apps remains in full force, some have noticed a substantial uptick in practical utility and lifestyle applications in recent weeks. Via the Japanese App Store, Eagle Inc. is pushing the envelop with a new offering that bestows iPhone users with an important tool for breaching communication barriers born of non-English speaking peoples.

    A recent arrival to the iPhone app world is a communication-focused application titled "Talk Writer" that enables individuals around the world who don't speak English to suddenly communicate beyond language barriers. According to the manufacturer, Talk Writer makes possible "real-time dictation" for English conversations. By simply tapping the transcription text, it will translate the selected "vocabulary items" and thereby make it possible for people to communicate accurately and effectively with one another.

    Some have speculated that applications of this nature will become increasingly more commonplace on both the iPhone and the iPad. As global communications expands to increasingly become more intertwined in the ways of life for business persons, college students, and ordinary individuals alike, it's easy to envision the ubiquity of such functions on popular smartphones like the iPhone. Additionally, as the Blackberry loses its market share among business professionals who often have reason to communicate across language barriers, Eagle Inc. could very well be on the forefront of a digital translation boom soon to arrive in the app world.

    The dictation service requires connection over 3G or WiFi and is available now for download for 600 yen (approx. $7 in the US.)

    Image via Eagle Inc.
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