• iTunes Gives The Gift of Apps to iPhone Users

    What does one give the person who already has it all? Usually, a gift card. Today, however, iTunes is making the gift of digital content a little more personal. For the first time, you can now "gift" iPhone apps to someone. In other words, some of us can now get away with a $0.99 app instead of a $25 gift card

    At present, whenever you agree to the iTunes Store terms and conditions, you will also have the opportunity to pick a “Gift This App” option from the drop-down menu beneath the app's advertised price tag. As you would expect, the ability to enter in the gift recipient's name and email then pops up. You can even send a message along with your gift, which is basically a redemption code for the receiving party to download at his or her later convenience.

    In recent months, the ability to gift music and movies has continued to become an increasingly popular iTunes feature. The ability to gift apps, however, could quickly catch up to (or even outpace) the popularity of gifting music and movies, as thousands of iPhone users will likely take advantage of this new feature promptly and repeatedly.

    Of course, the addition of the new gifting service has raised some still-unanswered questions. What if, for example, the recipient already has the app? Does iTunes have an exchange policy? And with Apple pulling the plug on so many "immature" and "inappropriate" apps, what if the app you give gets the boot before it can be downloaded by the recipient? So many questions... so few answers

    While there has been no official word on the matter yet, it's a safe bet that the forthcoming iPad App Store will similarly facilitate a gifting functionality.
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