• Opera Mini In the Hands of App Store Approval Process

    It appears that Opera have finally finished up their final touches on their long-awaited Internet browser for iPhone, as they have revealed that it has finally been submitted to the App Store. They even have posted a counter displaying EXACTLY how much time has passed since it was submitted for approval (Apple had better take heed of this unless they want some bad publicity for the App Store). Opera claims their browser to be up to six times faster than the built-in Safari.

    There have been other "alternative" browsers released on the iPhone; however, they are all based on "webkit," the web-rendering engine used by Safari. They aren't in themselves new browsers; the are only front-ends to Safari's solution to display the web. Of course, they may also get denied for "duplicating functionality," as many apps already have, including GV Mobile, which has since ended up on Cydia.

    Source: Opera Mini submitted to Apple's App Store
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