• Palm Emulator Released for Jailbroken iPhones

    It's now possible to enjoy Palm OS apps on a jailbroken iPhone. Thanks to StyleTap, your iPhone (or iPod Touch) can essentially be modded into a Palm device. Granted, the iPhone is kind of arriving late to the party. StyleTap, after all, already serves up Palm OS emulation for Symbian and Windows Mobile. And while it may seem strange to some that there is still such demand for the Palm OS, it does exist.

    Of course, since Apple strictly prohibits emulators, StyleTap had to turn to Cydia to bring this opportunity to iPhone users. And if you're willing to fork over $50, you can give Palm OS apps a whirl on your iPhone, which is kind of a trippy experience. Luckily, a 14-day free trial is available if you want to test it out before committing to that price tag.

    Some of the features include: Copy and paste of text and bitmaps between Palm OS apps and native iPhone apps, a virtual memory card, backwards compatibility, audio recording with playback, TCP/IP connectivity, exporting vCards into iPhone contacts, and familiar virtual “function buttons” for the simulation of the Palm hardware buttons. As you can imagine, the iPhone enables users to run Palm OS 5.2 apps even faster than on the native Palm OS devices.

    Whether its due to sentimentality or simplicity, it's difficult to understand why running Palm OS apps is such a popular reality with so many smartphone users, given that the App Store and the iPhone's OS literally blow the Palm OS so far out of the water that it's difficult to remember it being in the water in the first place.

    Image via StyleTap
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