• Hacker Victory Declared at Pwn2Own Hacking Contest

    Here's how it all went down at the fourth annual Pwn2Own hacking contest in Vancouver last night. The iPhone fell. And from the looks of it, the Apple device hardly even put up a fight. And on Wednesday, the Pwn2Own hacker contest resulted in Vincenzo Iozzo and Ralf Weinmann winning $15,000 for their mad hacking skills.

    Highlighting the kind of behavior that keeps internet security experts awake at night, the hack attack in question came on the very first day of the contest - hardly enough time to work up a good sweat. This is the fourth consecutive year that the platforms on display were targeted by hackers, although this year's efforts were arguably the most impressive in contest history. Last year, the iPhone was not successfully hacked.

    Iozzo and Ralf Weinmann created what's being called an "undisclosed attack" on the iPhone's mobile Safari browser. Essentially, they cooked up a website that made a visiting iPhone dump a copy of its SMS database. Hacker Charlie Miller (the first to hack the iPhone three years ago) was quoted in various online media reports calling this hack the first "fully functioning" iPhone attack since the 2008 release of the device's second version.

    The Pwn2Own contest, which is reviled by some and revered by others, handsomely rewards (with cash and prizes) hackers for their exploit code. A total of $100,000 in prizes is on the line this year... and there are plenty of hackers returning to the stage and some angling for the first time to make a name for themselves at an event that is tantamount to the Superbowl for hackers.

    Still on tap for the three-day hack fest are: MacBook Pro, Internet Explorer, Google's Chrome browser, Firefox, BlackBerry, a Nexus One and a Nokia E72.

    Image via MaximumPC
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