• 3G MicroCell to Give iPhones a Boost Beginning Next Month

    AT&T said this week that it will be ready to introduce its 3G MicroCell nationwide by the middle of April. Serving as a signal booster and, hopefully, the remedy for reception issues, the AT&T 3G MicroCell has been likened to a wireless router for your mobile phone. Providing a small but substantial cell signal upon connection to your network, the 3G MicroCell should help reduce dropped calls around the house - a problem far too common for AT&T's comfort.

    Although AT&T is advertising the unit for sale without additional costs, the reality of "additional costs" is factored into your service plan. That is, minutes used via the 3G MicroCell are deducted from your account. Individual or Family talk subscribers, however, have the option of paying $20 per month for unlimited calls through the mini cell tower. There are, naturally, some incentives tossed in for those who pick up a MicroCell calling plan. The 3G MicroCell hardware, for example, which costs $149.99, comes with a $100 rebate with the purchase of a subscription plan.

    The 3G MicroCell has been teased for national rollout since the device was first beta tested in Charlotte, North Carolina last fall. Just last month, AT&T lumped Georgia, South Carolina, San Diego and Las Vegas into the trial zones. Since all has gone well to date, AT&T is confident enough to introduce the device nationally in about three weeks time.

    Although it seems probable that a great many AT&T customers will purchase the 3G MicroCell, it's also been made perfectly clear by some that there is very little justification in paying AT&T for another piece of hardware (and possibly a subscription plan) just to make the service they're already paying for work as it should have in the first place.
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