• iPhone Getting Bitbop for $10 a Month. Is Hulu Next?

    While little if anything has been said of late about Hulu's prospective arrival on the iPad, speculation has resumed about Hulu coming to the iPhone thanks to a new effort in the works from Fox, one of the driving partnership forces behind Hulu. Announced this week by Fox at the CTIA Wireless show is a new TV-on-phones service dubbed Bitbop.

    For now, Bitbop will be available for a $10 monthly subscription and stream content from Fox, NBC Universal, Discovery, and others directly to your mobile device. The content will be available via stream and download. Packaged as an app soon to be available for the iPhone and Android as well as the Blackbery, which has widely been used in promotional material to show off the service, Bitbop is now seen as the obvious precursor to Hulu for mobile devices.

    Although some industry analysts see Bitbop as the "precursor" to a much bigger mobile offering, with services like FLO TV still puttering around with any real, tangible explosion in popularity, many are concerned that mobile audiences haven't "ripened" enough to guarantee a sure-thing, slam-dunk success with a service like Hulu for the iPhone. Of course, I don't know who these doubtful individuals are, as most mobile fanatics I'm familiar with are chomping at the bit for services like Bitbop and, ultimately, Hulu optimized for mobile phones.

    If you're curious about Bitbop, you'll have to wait until later this year when the service officially becomes available. Granted, by then, we may already be enjoying Hulu for the iPad. But regardless of whether the tablet gets the service first, it's unlikely to diminish the appetite among many iPhone owners for Hulu on their handset.
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