• Possible 4th Gen iPhone Specs Getting Attention

    If we stop for a moment to check our calendars, it's pretty clear that summer isn't too far away. And with the likelihood of the 4th generation iPhone being introduced in June or July, the iPad may keep us so heavily distracted for a few months that the new iPhone will be here before we know it.

    According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is now putting the finishing touches on the new iPhone. And if John Gruber's predictions prove accurate, Steve Jobs won't be ridiculed for over-exaggerating that the next iPhone will be simply "amazing." Gruber, in fact, is helping paint a nice little picture of the potential specs of this summer's iPhone update. Gruber says the device will enable third-party multitasking, have an A4-class SoC, a 960 x 640 display, and a front-facing camera (for video calls, of course).

    Are these guesses for now? Yes. Has Gruber been accurate in previous predictions? Yes, again. And, overall, are these potential 4th gen iPhone specs pretty safe bets? Right again. But perhaps the most important and compelling evidence to suggest that the next iPhone will feature all of the above attributes and then some, is that for the many months leading up to this summer's new iPhone launch, the speculated specs haven't changed very much. And, for this reason, it's probably a safer bet than many of us can imagine that the 4th gen iPhone will all but certainly look and perform exactly as we presently expect it to.

    While there's still no telling what to make of the back and forth hints about a potential Verizon iPhone, it's practically a done deal, says Gruber, that the next iPhone is going to be a multitasking juggernaut that will have millions of friends video chatting on the go and enjoying HD video content like nothing they've ever experienced.

    Okay, maybe summer isn't close enough after all
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