• App Store Integrates with Facebook... Anybody Care?

    With much fanfare, the App Store has arrived on Facebook. That is, the massive social networking platform now provides for easy app browsing and purchasing without access to iTunes. The people at Vitrue, who also made the official iTunes Facebook page, ported the App Store to Facebook, which, ostensibly, is designed to make the App Store more accessible and readily searchable.

    The freshly established "Search & Share" tab makes it possible to search for apps often with faster results than those achieved through iTunes. That's pretty impressive given the 170,000 or so apps that are presently available in the App Store. But the initial public reaction (across the blogosphere, at least) to the integration of the App Store into Facebook has appeared to be somewhat... unexcited.

    While Vitrue is hyping the development like its the greatest thing since sliced bread, it appears that most iPhone/iPod users and Facebook fanatics sort of expected this arrangement at some point anyway. The actual arrival of the App Store to Facebook is merely an "eventuality" coming to fruition. Does this mean that nobody cares? Not necessarily. After all, while the new Facebook offering makes no mention of the iPad, rest assured that iPad apps will soon be available both for review and purchase via Facebook. And, for whatever reason, scouting apps on the iPad through Facebook just seems cooler than the present arrangement.

    For now, rather than using Facebook as a means to overtly promote the App Store or its newest additions, it seems the real goal is to make applications as "social" as possible. From the recently added ability to gift apps to this integration of the App Store into what is arguably the most popular social networking site in existence today, the glaring objective is to facilitate the best type of promotion possible for today's app market - word of mouth. Or, maybe in the case, word of wall postings.
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