• Mod My Glasses: Apple Working on iPhone/iPod Spectacles?

    Our friends at Patently Apple have uncovered a patent application from Apple that reveals a rather unorthodox endeavor that modifies the iPhone into... a pair of glasses. In what appears to be a next-gen video headset device, the project suggested by the schematics provided seemingly reveal an endeavor that builds upon Apple's recent history of tinkering with "laser based binocular near-eye display and light engine systems."

    While it isn't exactly clear what Apple's paramount objective is with this prototype, it's fairly evident that the "device" is built for unique multimedia experiences. The dedicated frame appears suited for encasing either an iPhone or iPod touch. The patent suggests controls would be both manual and also voice or movement initiated. Then again, it also isn't picture perfect yet as to how and why any controls would be used. The design, however, hints at a picture-in-picture feature. Nonetheless, the ability to maintain some form of peripheral vision for basic navigation appears provided for - because I'm sure a lot of people will, you know, drive to work with a pair of these on

    According to the patent images, the iPhone's camera would be integral to the function of the glasses, which could very well prove the ultimate gaming accessory. Incredibly, the sophisticated communication interface would allow the bearer of these goggles to operate a portable electronic device via controls on the headset or even a remote control.

    Needless to say, it's far too premature to speculate as to when this patent will actually manifest into a viable product - assuming, of course, that it ever will. But the possibilities are staggering. And if there's anything we've learned from past analysis of Apple patents, it's that, on occasion, Cupertino lets us know far more than we may realize about what the tech wizards at Apple are toiling with.

    Image via Patently Apple
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