• WinterBoard Gets An Long Awaited Update

    I for one have been looking forward to an update to WinterBoard since I first got my iPhone. Being a theme designer as well, this makes me super excited, and it should for all you theme lovers as well!

    For those of you who might not know, WinterBoard is an App developed by @Saurik that allows Jailbroken users to completely change the look and feel of their iDevice. Through Icons, Sounds and User Interface redesigns.

    WinterBoard has now been updated to 0.9.3154-1 and is now located in Settings. This update also fixes a few 3.1+ specific issues, and can "iPhone-optimize" PNG's using pincrush (from @dhowett).

    Inside settings we now have a few new features for WinterBoard as well. There is also a Summerboard Mode, that makes older themes more compatible with Winterboard, and the current iPhone Jalbreak.

    As mentioned, @dhowett's PinCrush has been implemented into this update to increase the speed of loading PNGs. However, for those designers out there, be careful, as this will replace your current PNG files, making them un-viewable on your computer (you'll have to use a PNG converter again). Or you could always just reinstall your theme if you still have the deb, but personally I like to work with live files when I design themes.

    There is also a debugging mode and a "summerboard" mode, which will help add support for older themes that might not load properly. You can also hide the winterboard icon if you choose to.

    I for one am stoked and can't wait to see what else will be brought to WinterBoard in the future.
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