• The iPhone Kicks it Old School with Retro Dock

    It may be the eve of the iPad's release and the dawn of a new computing era, but that doesn't mean that some aspects of old school technology are going to remain permanently brushed beneath the telecommunications rug. Case in point: the new retro iPhone dock from Korea's Kee Utility Inc. As the above picture illustrates, the dock invokes images of a time when the typical phone wasn't... well, quite so mobile.

    Momentarily pausing our obsession with the sleek touch-screen user interfaces that now dominate the mobile phone landscape, the Desk Phone Dock fills the void (for some anyway) left by the near total obliteration of all things analog. The dock even serves up an old fashion cord to create that vintage feel. As far as I can tell, the only thing missing is the old rotary dialing mechanism. That would have really pleased the grandparents of America.

    But, alas, contemporary technologies still litter this new dock, no matter how deceiving its old school look and feel may be. The dock, for example, recharges your iPhone, syncs it with your computer, and serves up a variety of other neat features, like speakerphone, and USB & AC power dual sources. Ostensibly, however, the device aims to achieve more than just a retro look for your handset. In fact, the manufacturer hopes that the ability to transform your mobile handset into your desktop office or home phone will help clear away the clutter of multiple phones and, consequently, make your iPhone more of an all-purpose device than it's ever been before.

    What's this little beauty cost? No pricing data has been made available yet for what's billed as "your one and only integrated wired desk phone in your office or home environment." To check out the gallery and specs, mosey on over to Desk Phone Dock and hop on the retro bandwagon.
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