• TweetyPop - A 3D Tactile Twitterverse

    I don't usually read all the tweets in my timeline. A few times a day I'll pop over to the Twitter app on my Mac or Twittelator on my iPhone and scroll through a bit. I miss a lot of stuff, and it's just a list to me. There's a new app which makes that experience different. TweetyPop is the perfect combination of Twitter and touchscreen.

    TapFactory's TweetyPop just came out yesterday - with a new idea on how to use Twitter. It's tactile, and it's exploratory. TweetyPop displays a 3D view of your Twitter timeline (think Time Machine on a Mac, but with tweets instead of file windows). To scroll through them, you actually flick each tweet off the screen when you're done with it. Tweets show up with oldest closest to you visually, and newest further away - you're flicking your way to the Twitter future.

    Of course, you can also use TweetyPop in a traditional list view, but really - where's the fun in that?

    After using the app the last couple weeks, I find myself much more connected to my Twitterverse. Each tweet requires physical interaction before it disappears from my timeline. (Well, technically, you can "fast forward" to mark everything read if you get bored as well. There are also forward and back buttons which allow you to skip over a dozen or so tweets at a time in either direction.) This has a couple interesting effects - one, it makes it MUCH easier for me to tell where I left off reading tweets. With most list-based Twitter apps, I find myself scrolling around a bit to find where it was I was reading last every time I go to the app. This eliminates that issue by sending the tweets out of the timeline when you flick them off the screen. If you see one you'd like to go back to, you can of course still use all Twitter's features like starring the tweet - TweetyPop also has Instapaper integration.

    Second, TweetyPop makes Twitter much more tactile - I'm not skimming over a list, but individually touching each tweet. I found myself reading more, and finding more interesting things than I normally do. Ha - maybe that means it was messing with my time management. I enjoyed my new Twitter experience.

    Of course, TweetyPop also comes with all the typical Twitter app features you'd expect.

    To celebrate TweetyPop's release, TapFactory is giving away an iPad 2 with a ClamCase (which I'm amazed they even got - it took me 4 months to get mine, just came in today, and is no longer useful since I use an iPad 2 now) as well as some limited run tshirts. Check out the TapFactory page for more info. Also take a look at their release video for TweetyPop below!

    [ame=http://vimeo.com/22975925?ab]TweetyPop - Your Twitter Universe, Reimagined. on Vimeo[/ame]

    You can grab TweetyPop from iTunes now for $1.99.

    (Full disclosure: we work often with the guys at TapFactory on various projects.)
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