• Verizon Wants The iPhone! Is This The Moment of Truth?

    It's seems like we've been talking about a possible Verizon iPhone ever since Verizon took a pass on the device better than three years ago - a decision that ushered in the era of AT&T's iPhone exclusivity. It's hard to believe (insert sarcasm here), but the prospect of the iPhone migrating over to Verizon territory is once again being talked about today. But this time it isn't the over-hyped bloggers of the world wide web responsible for the hype. This time, the buzz comes directly from the words spoken by Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg.

    The Associated Press is reporting that Seidenberg has explicitly told Apple that he wants Verizon to get the iPhone. The Verizon chief explained his wishes today before the Council on Foreign Relations. What isn't clear, however, is how recently this entreaty was made. Was it a week ago? A year ago? Or did "Ivan the Great" wake up this morning and call Steve Jobs personally with the good news? We don't yet know the answer to this burning question - just as we're yet to discover if the iPhone is about to join the Verizon network.

    Of course, we may finally get our answer on Thursday as Apple is preparing to introduce the new iPhone OS. Many are expecting AT&T's exclusive deal to end this summer in conjunction with the 4th gen iPhone's arrival. A new iPhone may very well call for a new carrier. If Apple is game - and we know Verizon is - the iPhone could very well find its new home to be the place that originally shunned it when the now ultra-popular smartphone was "untested."

    Apple's iPhone OS 4.0 preview event will take place at 10 a.m. Pacific on Thursday. Will this be the moment of truth for the "Verizon iPhone"? We'll know in 48 hours.
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