• iPhone 4.0 Dumps "Rate on Delete" for Apps

    The new iPhone OS is bringing to an end a familiar prompt that showed itself to those preparing to delete an app that was no longer wanted, enjoyed, or deleted. First introduced in iPhone 2.2, the ability to "Rate on Delete" has been a well-established option that enabled users to give one final thumbs up or down to their departing app. Well, no longer with this option be available.

    It stands to reason that such a prompt would - at least, in theory - be desirable to developers in hopes of obtaining some measure of feedback from iPhone users who used a particular application. In addition, bulking up the App Store's reviews and user ratings was another added benefit to Apple of having the prompt. And although the prompt didn't obligate anyone to rate a departing app, let's face it, most of us still assigned a 1-5 star rating upon termination.

    Unfortunately, then, it also makes sense that some developers feel that the prompt to "rate on delete" negatively impacted user ratings.

    Needless to say, if you're deleting an app, you're either tired of it, annoyed by it, or ready to replace the old with the new. As a result, that "mindset" will likely effect how you rate an app that you're tossing. It may have been a five-star app only three weeks ago. But now that you've found better, the app will only get two stars on deletion. This situation has increasingly made developers displeased with the process.

    So for the new iPhone OS, this longstanding prompt will no longer be featured. Instead, the only way to rate an application is to go to the App Store and rate the app there.
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