• Has Apple Killed Palm? If So, Will Apple Buy Palm?

    A lot of Apple fans sound as though they are claiming some sort of victory in the wake of news that Palm's financial troubles are likely worse than any outsiders may truly realize. Today, Bloomberg News reported that Palm has officially put itself on the market. That's right, Palm is for sale and officials at the company are working feverishly with a partners to help sell the company and salvage what's left of the once-thriving company.

    Palm is said to be working with Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Frank Quattrone’s Qatalyst Partners to possibly sell the company as early as this week. Having competed primarily (and lost) against Apple and Google, it's apparent that Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein - the developer of Palm’s latest operating system - will not realize his vision of the Pre and Pixi smartphones revitalizing his company and competing on par with other big boys in the mobile space.

    Despite initial and altogether unfounded rumors, Apple (at present) is not believed to be among the parties said to be interested in buying Palm, a company that had a market value of better than $870 million prior to the news today that the business itself is now on the market. According to data compiled by Bloomberg, however, Palm is in "good company." In the past year, there have been 133 acquisitions announced within the US computer industry.

    What will ultimate come of Palm? Who might acquire the company? Could HTC or Lenovo swoop in as the buyer as many suspect? These are all questions to which there are presently no clear answers. What is evident, however, is that the industry analysts who predicted a narrowing of major competitors in the smart-phone space could be gaining more momentum for their arguments than earlier anticipated.
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