• 4th Gen iPhone May Debut June 22nd

    Although the biggest news of the day has been reserved for Apple's powerhouse internal hardware upgrades to their Macbook Pro line, there is also (potential) news worth discussing about the 4th gen iPhone. Ever since the iPhone 4.0 OS was unveiled in grand fashion with long awaited (and long overdue) features including multitasking, Apple fans have been chomping at the bit to get their first look at the 4th gen iPhone in all its glory.

    Although no confirmations have yet come from Apple (naturally), there is speculation that the big reveal could take place on June 22nd. For this particular occasion, Apple has once again reserved the very conference center where the company announced the three previous versions of the iPhone. So all signs, indeed, point to June 22nd proving the 4th gen iPhone's "big day." Knowing Apple, however, we probably won't know for sure until the evening of June 21st. After all, something has to drive the rumor mill until then, right?

    Like never before, the hype surrounding iPhone 4.0 OS is in full swing, months ahead of the new iPhone's debut. For now, Apple simply maintains that the hot new OS will "ship this summer" for both the iPhone and the iPad. And while a dev beta is already available, the lack of backwards compatibility with previous generations of the iPhone is rightfully making the iPhone-obsessed community uncomfortably edgy about the seemingly eternal wait before the new device is rolled out.

    For what it's worth, while no concrete evidence has turned up to suggest the announcement of a Verizon iPhone at the June 22nd event, there have been unconfirmed reports suggesting the possible existence of a Verizon iPhone being used in the US in recent days. Could this be evidence leading to a major development about which we've all been sickened thanks to years of unsubstantiated rumors thus far? Your guess is as good as mine.

    Image via MediaforiPhone
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