• Apple is Hiring for The iPad Team: Calling All Camera Experts!

    In what some are considering to be incontrovertible evidence that Apple is adding still and video camera functionality to a future iPad model, there is a job opening at Apple that portends favorably for those hoping that the new tablet will ultimately get a camera of some sort.

    Even though the job listing was posted two month ago (shortly after the tablet was announced), the opening was discovered only this week.

    So what does the job entail exactly? Well, here's what Apple is looking for: a "Performance QA Engineer, iPad Media" to assist Apple's Interactive Media Group. Most interestingly, however, the individual who becomes Apple's newest software quality engineer is required to have extensive experience pertinent to still, video, and audio capture and playback frameworks.

    Apple wants this person to help take the media experience "to the next level." How would that be achieved exactly? More than likely, via the iPad. And while both new and prospective iPad owners don't have a laundry list of complains about the new device - at least not yet anyway - a recurring complaint is that the tablet lacks the trusty camera we've all come to know and love via our iPhones.

    While the initial reaction to the job posting prompted many to link the opening exclusively to the iPad and its future updated versions, let's not forget about future generations of the iPhone. The iPhone OS 3.2 SDK, after all, has turned up references to "video chat," resulting, naturally, in speculation that Apple could push a front-facing camera in forthcoming upgraded mobile devices.

    Ultimately, there's no definitive information about what the new hire at Apple will actually do. But the developments that could result from the new position are just too exciting to ignore.
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