• Weekly App Update: April 16th, 2010

    What's New

    Wow... Nothing to put here at all really. This week seems to be all about updates.


    Rock App v2.22
    • 35% Improved Memory Performance
    • Improved Usability
    • Improved Stability
    • Improved APT handling
    • Fixed Internationalization Settings & German translation
    • Ability to open from rock:// URL)

    BiteSMS 4.7
    There are a ton of changes for the update, but the biggest one you should note: "A license is no longer required to use biteSMS, if you don’t have a license or credits you will be shown ads instead. The intent is that those who can't afford / don't want to pay can at least help in supporting the biteSMS team by accepting the ads." I think this is a great move, as BiteSMS is actually really one of the best SMS replacements.

    GlovePod 1.2.4
    Added change tracks/fast-forward,rewind setting.

    Keep Silent After Reboot




    This update adds support for downgrading from the 5.13.03 baseband from
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