• 4th Gen iPhone pr0nz

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jnz8iw1--1c]YouTube - iPHONE 4G REVEALED! UP CLOSE[/ame]

    Gizmodo has added to their growing treasure trove of next-gen iPhone info, gossip and photos with this nice slow-motion video of the device's case. It definitely looks better in these images than it did originally. Gone is the curved back case (which reportedly reduced WiFi transmission) in place of a flat panel possibly made of a special ceramic that's invisible to radio waves. It looks - unexpected - but I'm already getting used to it.

    Is this a publicity stunt, a theft, or a legitimate journalistic scoop? Who knows? I do wish the guys at Gizmodo had put a little more effort into dissecting it if they really had their hands on it without Apple's permission. I'd like to know what kind of processor this thing has and whether it's got CDMA capability. Why not tear it apart, if you paid five large for it?

    Put it this way: if Apple doesn't sue, then something's fishy here. But I still really hope the kid keeps his job, either way.

    Thanks to Waseem Hammoud for the heads-up!
    video via Gizmodo
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