• Apple Abandons Adobe so Adobe Abandons Apple

    In case you haven't run the numbers yet, there's a better chance that you'll hit the lottery, get hit by lightning, and then hit the lottery again before you'll ever see Apple openly embrace Flash for the iPhone. And now, as a result of Apple consistently giving up on Adobe, the folks at Adobe are finally getting with the program and equally giving up on Apple.

    Thanks to Apple's recently revised developer agreement - which, for Adobe, may have been the last straw - Adobe has announced the immediate end to the development of technology that would let Flash applications be ported natively to Apple devices. Infuriating Adobe, naturally, is the belief that Apple's revised developer agreement singles out Adobe and legions of developers who are actively seeking or planning to port software from Flash to the iPhone or iPad.

    Adobe Flash project manager Mike Chambers put it this way on his blog: "As developers for the iPhone have learned, if you want to develop for the iPhone you have to be prepared for Apple to reject or restrict your development at anytime, and for seemingly any reason." Chambers' suspicions are likely correct, as Steve Jobs himself made it clear recently that he continues to believe that making Flash work for the iPhone would engender "sub-standard apps" that would ultimately "hinder the progress of the platform."

    Adobe is finally aiming to wash its hands of Apple, a likely first major step before a potential lawsuit is filed against the folks in Cupertino. Last week, rumblings surfaced that Adobe was getting its legal ducks in a row to proceed with what some believe could be a substantial antitrust case against Apple. Of course, no one but the people at Adobe know for sure if such a plan is on the horizon. But we will likely find out for ourselves sooner rather than later.

    Image via awesomedc
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