• Apptizr Tops 10 Million App Recommendations

    Two months ago, we at MMI shared with you the growing trend of sharing apps. Before Apple made it possible to gift apps among friends and family, the people at Apptizr were ahead of the curve and making it possible for users to spy on the apps their friends use or even recommend (not buy or "gift") applications to anyone in their social network. When we last checked in with Apptizr in February, the neat little service had already facilitated better than 3 million app recommendations. Now that number has jumped to better than a whopping 10 million.

    Despite the obvious social perks of Apptizr, applications developers focused on key Apple products like the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad are well served by the existence of Apptizr, which projects through its accumulated user data which categories of apps offer the best sales opportunities for app developers. As a result, devs can ring the register on hot content in demand.

    Steve Jobs recently professed that a major reason Flash should be kept off the iPhone and iPad is because its introduction would somehow cheapen or deteriorate the quality of apps in the App Store. Those comments made me wonder if Steve Jobs has actually ever browsed through the App Store? Unless he thinks Flash would somehow cheapen the plethora of high-brow fart applications presently available in smorgasbord-like fashion, it's safe to say that there's a lot of junk in the App Store. For this reason, it's no wonder than services like Apptizr have continued to boom.

    Despite some confusion on the blogosphere to the contrary, Apptizr isn't owned by Apple or formally affiliated with Apple in business. Apptizr just makes being an Apple fan a little more palatable on days when you want to find cool apps but all you seem to encounter are those that... well, probably wouldn't be recommended on Apptizr
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