• Macworld 2009 - Live Coverage at MMi

    Set some time aside Tuesday (tomorrow, January 6th) at 9AM PST - we'll be at Macworld, liveblogging the keynote. Even though Phil Schiller will be batting for Lord Jobs, Apple will without a doubt have some good announcements for us. Maybe just to prove they can without Señor Steve.

    We'll be at Macworld all week this week - aside from the keynote be sure to keep checking the site for iPhone/Apple news as it happens, and if you haven't already, follow us on Twitter to grab news before we even get a chance to post it on the site. You'll be able to see specific Macworld coverage both on the homepage mixed with our regular news, or by visiting modmyi.com/macworld to see specific Macworld news.

    Rumors have been flying around of what will be announced this year... from a 9 inch iPod Touch, to an iPhone nano, and there's been talk of iWork going to an online system... as well as other rumors. Be sure to keep watching (especially Tuesday at 9AM PST!) to see what will be legit.

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